Viennese white
(Weiße Wiener)

Where does Viennese white come from?

Viennese white was bred in Austria by viennese breeder Wilhelm Muck in the 1930s. He used Viennese blue and Dutch rabbits with blue eyes. After 15 years of breeding Viennese white were first exhibited in 1907 in Wienna, which was a big sensation-to breed white breed with blue eyes. This kind was officially acknowledged in 1909 in Holland and in 1910 in Germany. Until 1970s Viennese white and coloured were considered to be one breed, then they continually separated in each country.


What does it look like?

Its whole body is snowhite,including head and ears. It has thick fur, chunky body with even muscles formation. Its head is short, and wide-forehead and harelip. Its ears are fleshy and fully haired with the lenght 10,5-11,5cm,oval at the end. Eyes are light blue with the dark pupil. It has very short neck. Its legs are short and strong. Viennese white is smaller than Viennese blue, its ideal weight is 4,00-5,00kg. It is the source of high quality leather.

Who are the most known breeders?

The most known breeders in the last years(2000-2009) are German breeders Hans Peisskert, Peter Janisch, Dieter Kaufeld and Hartmut Truthmann, who got the most points at exhibitions. The most known Austrian breeders are Fuchs Adalbert and Laufenbock Anton. Viennese white was imported to our country before the Second World War, and later it was so widespread that it almost replaced the breed of Czech albino. The breeder Vaclav Kunst from Mikulov in the Czech republic got the gold medal at European exhibition in Welse, Austria. The Club of breeders in the Czech republic was founded in 1948, and re-founded in 1972.


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