Welcome to the website dedicated to the Viennese rabbit.

I made the website because of my passion for breeding this species, as well as the possibility to provide information to all who are interested in the topic. The content of the website is mostly the data about the rabbits, and also about my personal reasons for breeding. If you like the webpage, of if you have any further proposals, do not hesitate to write to me.



Maroš Sládek

rabbit breeder

Zalázne 58, Smolenice 919 04

+421 905 927 301

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Viennese wildblue
(Blaugraue Wiener)

Where does Viennese wildblue rabbit come from?
The aim of the crossbreeding was to join the good characteristics of Viennese blue and Viennese wildcoloured rabbit.

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Viennese wild coloured
(Graue Wiener)

Where does Viennese wild coloured rabbit come from?
Viennese wild coloured is known also as Viennese grey. It was bred in Germany as a counterbalance to imported rabbits.

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Viennese black
(Schwarze Wiener)

Where does Viennese black rabbit come from?
Viennese black rabbit came into existence by crisscross breeding of Viennese blue with Alaska type. Some German breeders...

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Viennese blue
(Blaue Wiener)

Where does Viennese blue rabbit come from?
Viennese blue has its origin in Austria. Johann Constantin Schultz from Wienna-Hetzendorf, the head of the first Viennese union...
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Viennese white
(Weiße Wiener)

Where does Viennese white come from?
Viennese white was bred in Austria by viennese breeder Wilhelm Muck in the 1930s. He used Viennese blue and Dutch rabbits...

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Viennese wild coloured, dark
(Graue Wiener, dunkelgrau)

Where does Viennese coloured, dark come from?
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